About Akira

Hoch Shitama

President, Akira Wood, Inc.

When I started Akira in 1977, our objective was to place beautiful wooden works into the world. We started out as a two man operation in the traditions of Japanese and European fine woodworking, but found our business shifting as we honed our abilities in the custom home, historic restoration and commercial construction markets. In 1982, we reproduced 203 legislative desks for the Old Florida Capitol Building. This led directly to the Alabama Power corporate headquarters executive offices in Birmingham, Alabama and the Gulf Power corporate headquarters project in Pensacola, Florida. The prominence and scale of these projects catapulted us into the premium Architectural Woodwork market. At that point our focus crystallized as we discovered that we could compete in our region and across the country. One project led to another, and one client led to another.

Thirty seven years later, Akira’s clients are among the most prominent and demanding architects, owners, interior designers and general contractors in the world. Regardless of scale, our commitment to artisan quality and our objective of creating beauty in the world remains unchanged.

Akira reproduced 203 Legislative Desks for the Old Florida Capitol Building in 1982, followed by the Speaker’s desks, railings, clerk’s benches and Supreme Court Justice’s benches.